Newark Rowing Club takes very seriously the welfare of its Members and visitors. We pay particular attention to that of Junior members and have adopted fully the guidance, practice and procedures defined by British Rowing.

If you have concerns about the welfare of Club members or anyone on the site and its premises, please contact the Club Welfare Officer, Louise Lyons, immediately. If she is not present or available, please contact the Club President. Their email details are on the Contacts page of this website. Details are also on the Notice Board in the Boathouse and in the ‘safeguarding folder’ in the Clubhouse.

Click on the boxes below for links to the British Rowing documents:

Specifies the scope of the policy for protecting children, together with more detailed explanation of practices and procedures followed

A single source of information for all safety related matters in the sport of rowing. Provides a comprehensive and detailed explanation across many areas

A guide for the planning, scheduling and content of training programmes for Juniors

This document defines the conditions under which Junior rowers (those who are under 18yrs old) are allowed onto the water.

Specifies the policy in respect of use of the gym and rowing equipment by Junior rowers.

Specifies the policy in respect of access to the club grounds by Junior rowers.