Clinton Cup 2016 – September 24th

It’s that time of year again when members of Newark Rowing Club have to opportunity to race against each other in the Clinton Cup. This is a fun and competitive  event which is followed by a barbecue and drinks. Please see posters in the clubhouse for entry details. See below for further details.

The Rules – Clinton Cup 2016 

Scratch coxed fours chosen by Captains beforehand after draw for order of pick

Racing upstream from Mackie (white boat) to A46 Bridge, approx 300m

Henley’ Style draw as follows:

First named crew in each draw will be on the ‘Lincs’ station (Field side) and in ‘John Wilkinson’

Second named crew in each draw will be on the ‘Notts’ station (Town side) and in ‘George Lidgett’

Crews in first draw warm up on way to start

Subsequent crews change at floating landing stage, and may proceed upstream only as far as the windmill bend within view of the A46 bridge, and must warm up on way back to start. Disregard of this will result in immediate disqualification.

Dead heats will be decided by immediate re-row.

The umpire’s decision is final, and is to be respected


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